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Retail earnings roundup  

Media Link Transcript Is Ohio jeweler Tiffany can out moments ago falling short on both top and bottom lines also weak guidance at least the implied numbers comp. Flat US data that lower tourist spending up 6% in Asia Pacific but torso were apparently spending in Europe and Japan cons of 19%. And 21%. Respectively again remember US as the big market there separately after the bell yesterday ...
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Cramer's Stop Trading: Procter & Gamble  

Media Link Transcript Time for Cramer are trading on marches down that Dell's right nicely got a hundred I want that would occur but you don't here's rubble yet bargain hunters accidental high yields this work for me 2008. Eton team ended a 4%. Okay GE yesterday quartet and the a lot of focus on something Dick Abbas from. Procter. I know practice could miss the quarter doing that well that ...
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Angel investors' reaction to selloff  

Media Link Transcript You actually wrote it back in March. Post about what would happen. To funding if the market itself lost 50% of its value. Are any of the lessons you wrote back then applicable today. Yeah absolutely what happens when the market goes down is that Angel investors and I even venture capitalists even though they have a fixed funding amount try to raise a fund for seven years. ...
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Cramer's game plan after big drop  

Media Link Transcript Q1. Always a market some. Am money starts. And Cramer welcome to nab money walk across America out of people wanna make friends. I'm trying to save some money. Mike dobbs knows this entertain but to teach to coats and to help you through these tough times and call 170 worth we CNBC were quick action. Oh boy yet these are typical weeks arduous. ST jumpy and even its good ...
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Market rout continues: How to play the dip  

Media Link Transcript What investors need to remember is while this. Dip into negative territory as usual over the last four years. Over the long span it would be more than usual not to go negative at some point in the areas pretty normal for a market to go negative at some point in the year. And what we're looking at Dell is very low interest rates 2.0 six I think right now on the ten year ...
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HP pops nearly 6% after earnings  

Media Link Transcript I can't find the last time we had a 6% pop on HP. Yeah that's right Carl nearly 6% at this very moment granted it is all of 52. Week lows so let's take a look at HP. It's popping in early trade on results like they were better than summit here in particular. Industry standard servers saved the day for the company you work all admitted yesterday that. Was going to be key ...
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Report: Tom Brady willing to accept reduced suspension  

Media Link Transcript It really sounds like Brady is trying to try his best to work out a deal and even willing to take it. A suspension for failing to cooperate say with the phone for example but not acknowledging her admitting. That need anything to do with the football so I can understand net yelled Tom Brady. Is going to be in the hall of fame he's gonna go down as one of the greatest ...
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Cramer: Make your play on housing, NOW!  

Media Link Transcript You money. We'll look at some. And Cramer welcome a mad money welcome to credit mark. Did you wanna make friends I'm just trying to help makes money my job is not just entertain but to educate teach and Coach. So call me at 107 were three CBC or tweet me at Jim Cramer. I always enjoy a market that makes cents. It lets you be creative and make some judgments that can be ...
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Cashin: Emerging currencies in disarray  

Media Link Transcript You're beginning to hear more more traders talking about the chances of breaking forty dollars. And maybe getting a free number running. Reductions rollout there ranch tell you about ramping up. They're sitting with the tankers full of stuff. That they were pumping even while there were under the sanctions not very clean stuff. Very self reboot there. They can find the ...
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Cramer's Stop Trading: Cyberark  

Media Link Transcript Results watch cyber ark see what you are dated may see revenue growth this is obviously cyber security did fabulous earnings actually. And yet there's a battleground some people say needing guide up enough. Pyrite last night if you took a look at the excellent work that of my friend Paul Fishman yet. It was pretty New Jersey deed in terms of cracking that piece about the ...
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