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Dell sees light at end of PC tunnel

The PC's fall from popularity helped drive a hard-hit Dell to take itself private, but the computer maker now sees some signs its business there is turning around.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Leslie Shaffer
Cramer: Keep one eye on earnings & the other on the big picture  

Mad Money host Jim Cramer looks ahead to market moving events, data and earnings set to take place next week.
Source: CNBC.com
Stop talking Brady, let's talk football: Sports agent  

Leigh Steinberg, Steinberg Sports & Entertainment CEO, says this is a "public relations fiasco" in regards to Tom Brady's suspension as NFL training camps kick off.
Source: CNBC.com
Clinton charity donors surge amid Hillary Clinton's campaign

WASHINGTON- A new list of donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation shows a marked surge in donations and the numbers of contributors to the family charity in the first half of this year- at the same time that Hillary Rodham Clinton ramped up her campaign for the presidency. Clinton Foundation officials said figures released Thursday show that...
Source: The Associated Press | By: By STEPHEN BRAUN, Associated Press
Spanish galleon treasures  

Treasures from a 1621 shipwreck near the Florida Keys will be auctioned off. Arlan Ettinger, Guernsey's, reveals some of the items.
Source: CNBC.com
UPDATE 2-U.S. asks Supreme Court to reverse major insider trading ruling

WASHINGTON/ NEW YORK, July 30- The U.S. Justice Department asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to reverse a federal appellate court's insider trading ruling, calling it a "roadmap" for potential criminals that undermined efforts to ensure the "integrity of the security markets." Solicitor General Donald Verrilli filed a petition seeking review of a December...
Source: Reuters | By: Lawrence Hurley and Nate Raymond
US asks for reverse of insider trading ruling

The U.S. Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to reverse a federal court's ruling that they say limited their ability to pursue insider trading.
Source: Reuters
Brady's suspension details & developments  

Bob Kravitz, WTHR.com, weighs in on Tom Brady and his four game suspension.
Source: CNBC.com
Windows 10 solid, wait for upgrade: Re/code's Mossberg  

Walt Mossberg, Re/code co-executive editor, gives his review of Windows 10.
Source: CNBC.com
Windows 10: Microsoft steps back to move forward

Some new features are promising, the balance between old and new seems right, and, if bugs get erased, Windows 10 would be a good choice for devotees.
Source: Recode | By: Walt Mossberg