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Austin's 14-year old rising star  

Media Link Transcript At age fourteen Isabella rose Taylor is one Austin's rising small business starts this year she was awarded emerging women owned business of the year by governor Greg Abbott. And you want your company at age ten graduated high school at eleven and went on to show at pulled the new York and often fashion weeks even landing her clothes. And we're true stories. It all ...
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Top trades for September  

Media Link Transcript Tomorrow is the first trading day of September according can show our data analysis says that historically one of the worst month for stocks pretty negative about 50% of the time though. Judge should you be getting defensive end of September. The defensive battle like that word and I think he mentioned that before I totally agree I think opportunistic use the word now ...
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Guess what US city is a boomtown for business

There's plenty to be impressed with upon meeting Austin-based fashion designer Isabella Rose Taylor. She began writing and painting as young as age 4. She launched her own eponymous clothing line at age 10, then graduated high school just a year later. And at age 13, the young prodigy hosted a show at New York Fashion Week, landing her designs in Nordstrom. But one of her more recent accolades ...
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Bumpy month for markets  

Media Link Transcript Look at deals and the fact is an activity this familiar a trillion dollar activity in the ninth previous times we get over one trillion dollars and and they activity there's only one time don't we head of and a negative year doubts when he a total return doesn't 2000. Although traditionally when you see that might emanate does mark. The end of the bull market or the top ...
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NYT's Stewart: Indiscriminate stock plunge  

Media Link Transcript Well we got her actions whether healthier now I think it's healthy and you know anybody who's spent here at Dell I've been saying for a long time corrections are normal day can be helped these stocks build up they go down if they go up all the time we're setting ourselves up for an even bigger fall. But I tried to be completely jacket I. This week I just picked out some ...
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Retail earnings roundup  

Media Link Transcript Is Ohio jeweler Tiffany can out moments ago falling short on both top and bottom lines also weak guidance at least the implied numbers comp. Flat US data that lower tourist spending up 6% in Asia Pacific but torso were apparently spending in Europe and Japan cons of 19%. And 21%. Respectively again remember US as the big market there separately after the bell yesterday ...
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Cramer's Stop Trading: Procter & Gamble  

Media Link Transcript Time for Cramer are trading on marches down that Dell's right nicely got a hundred I want that would occur but you don't here's rubble yet bargain hunters accidental high yields this work for me 2008. Eton team ended a 4%. Okay GE yesterday quartet and the a lot of focus on something Dick Abbas from. Procter. I know practice could miss the quarter doing that well that ...
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Angel investors' reaction to selloff  

Media Link Transcript You actually wrote it back in March. Post about what would happen. To funding if the market itself lost 50% of its value. Are any of the lessons you wrote back then applicable today. Yeah absolutely what happens when the market goes down is that Angel investors and I even venture capitalists even though they have a fixed funding amount try to raise a fund for seven years. ...
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Cramer's game plan after big drop  

Media Link Transcript Q1. Always a market some. Am money starts. And Cramer welcome to nab money walk across America out of people wanna make friends. I'm trying to save some money. Mike dobbs knows this entertain but to teach to coats and to help you through these tough times and call 170 worth we CNBC were quick action. Oh boy yet these are typical weeks arduous. ST jumpy and even its good ...
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Market rout continues: How to play the dip  

Media Link Transcript What investors need to remember is while this. Dip into negative territory as usual over the last four years. Over the long span it would be more than usual not to go negative at some point in the areas pretty normal for a market to go negative at some point in the year. And what we're looking at Dell is very low interest rates 2.0 six I think right now on the ten year ...
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