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Wall Street should fear the next president

Wall Street may not know it yet, but it's really going to miss President Obama, says Kabir Sehgal. Here's why.
Source: | By: Kabir Sehgal
Why Silicon Valley unicorns and seedlings are so uptight now

Silicon Valley start-ups are tightening their belts as VCs pull back funding for all but the biggest unicorns and smallest seedlings.
Yahoo layoffs begin, as Mayer tries to fix company

Yahoo layoffs began today, according to sources, with conference rooms across all its facilities reserved to tell employees that they have been fired.
Source: Recode | By: Kara Swisher
NYC's Carnegie Deli reopens after building code violation

NEW YORK— New York City's famous Carnegie Deli, which had been closed for 10 months due to illegal gas use, has reopened. The deli's owner, Marian Levine, was fined $2,600 for violating the city's building codes. Scenes from Woody Allen's "Broadway Danny Rose" were shot there.
Source: The Associated Press
How liquid nitrogen ignited an ice cream start-up

Scot Rubin, a successful video game entrepreneur, wants you to taste ice cream made with the help of liquid nitrogen through Nitropod.
Source: | By: Jane Wells
Trump: US losing its companies, I'd cut taxes  

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump shares his economic plan for America, and simplifying the tax code.
Firms like LinkedIn doing 'perfectly fine': Pro  

Edmund Lee, Re/code Managing Editor, discusses concerns about the future of LinkedIn and a quick reaction from Twitter users to reported upcoming changes at Twitter.
Why new pres should simplify tax code  

CNBC's Rick Santelli and former Texas congressman William Archer discuss what the next president should do to make the United States a better place for companies to call home.
Stocks set for rough open, again lockstep with oil

U.S. stock futures were sharply lower, following oil prices this morning, in a continuation of Friday's selloff and a turbulent week.
Source: | By: Matthew J. Belvedere
Verizon CEO confirms interest in buying Yahoo

Jim Cramer spoke with the CEO of Verizon Communications, who shed light on the company's interest in purchasing Yahoo.
Source: | By: Abigail Stevenson