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Down on stocks? Get up on these alternatives

While alternative investments do pose some risk, not all are more risky than stocks. And some asset classes are more easily understood than others.
Source: | By: Sarah O'Brien, special to
Millennials: Be wary of this investing pitch

Millennial investors have time on their side, but that can create a false sense of confidence and lead to risky bets.
Source: | By: Andrew Bloomenthal, special to
Health savings accounts keep nest eggs in shape

Health savings accounts can be a smart choice for stealth retirement savings. Advisors discuss how to decide if they are a smart fit for a portfolio.
Source: | By: Kelli B. Grant
Black millennials narrow racial investing gap

New research shows black millennials are catching up to white counterparts in stock market penetration, with the gap narrowing to just 7 percent.
Source: | By: Sarah O'Brien, special to
Are you a breadwinner mom? Here's how to cope

Women are increasingly the family breadwinner as well as the primary caregiver. Advisors offer tips on handling their financial challenges.
Source: | By: Kelli B. Grant
Retirement risk: Hackers target wealth advisors

At least 74% of financial advisors have been a victim of a cyberattack, the SEC reveals. You may think your savings are secure, but think again.
Source: | By: Deborah Nason, special to
Want an ethical 401(k) plan? New ruling may help

Thanks to a reversal in Labor Department opinion, supply of socially responsible investment options in 401(k) plans may finally meet growing demand.
Source: | By: Sarah O'Brien, special to
5 reasons why you shouldn't panic about stocks

Here are five reasons why financial advisor Jerry Lynch isn't panicked about the market selloff.
Source: | By: Jerry Lynch
Do-it-yourself retirement for the self-employed

Being your own boss means you're responsible for planning your own retirement, and there are myriad approaches available to the self-employed.
Source: | By: Sarah O'Brien, special to
Lost the Powerball? Real ways to bet on your future

So you're not one of the three lucky Powerball winners. Here's how to start investing in yourself and stop gambling on your future.
Source: | By: Marguerite Ward