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UPDATE 1-Asterias's stem cell therapy shows promise in study

(Adds details, updates shares) Aug 31 (Reuters) - Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc said initial data from a small study showed that its lead stem cell therapy could improve mobility in patients paralyzed by a spinal cord injury. The company's shares were up 25 percent at $5.26 in mid-day trading on heavy volumes. Shares of BioTime Inc, a company that owns nearly 70 percent of Asterias, were little ...
Source: Reuters | By: Vidya L Nathan
BofA's vote battle  

Media Link Transcript The recent pullback has been fodder for the cell site to call certain financials undervalued today it just happens to be. Glenn Schorr of evercore ISI capping Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to buy from hold though Keating a price target the same. He notes the pullback of about 15%. Last week during a recent selloff so they're both trading pretty close to book value. ...
Source: CNBC.com
Perils of 'The Silo Effect': Gillian Tett  

Media Link Transcript Back in the financial crisis of 2008 there were a lot of people in the media saying that believed that happened was because bankers will match people greedy steepen the way that back. And I spent about to buy new nineteen went like that I would I think a key reason why the crisis happened. What's the 'cause the blow to not by fire that is. Peak back with the since ...
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Asterias's stem cell therapy shows promise in study

Aug 31 (Reuters) - Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc said initial data from a small study showed that its lead stem cell therapy could improve mobility in patients paralyzed by a spinal cord injury. The therapy, AST OPC-1, is the first product derived from human embryos to be tested on humans. Its success is a key step toward proving that embryonic stem cell research could cure diseases such as ...
Source: Reuters | By: Vidya L Nathan
US court reverses ruling that found NSA program illegal

WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal appeals court on Friday ruled in favor of the Obama administration in a dispute over the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone data on hundreds of millions of Americans. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reversed a lower court ruling that said the program likely violates the Constitution's ban on unreasonable searches. ...
Source: The Associated Press
Pisani's market opens in the red  

Media Link Transcript But just start a look like a Friday August good heavens with the least the volatile they we've had on the week at its monetary BS and fifteen points that would have been. Titanic and an normal good day but. Consider what we have this last week it was pretty quiet. Overall take a look at sectors that be opened modestly to the downside financials intact. Materials and ...
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Best way to play the market  

Media Link Transcript So what is the best way to play this market volatility what themes that investors be keeping a close eye on. They've had a day CEO of Eaton Vance joins us now live every single person we speak to says. Did used to volatility making your friend because it's here to stay at least with some time how are you making your friend. Yeah I I agree with that assessment it's been ...
Source: CNBC.com
Avoid Germany: Trader  

Media Link Transcript So I'd still boy Germany. Germany is the most exposed to emerge marked however five look at your broadly. As of yes there were looking at thirteen PE a big discount to US you're also looking at an area where a lot of people are on vacation last couple weeks. And Monday's a bank holiday so I'll come back September 1 we'll see their stocks down 20% or more there's what's ...
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Cramer's Mad Dash: AVGO & WDAY  

Media Link Transcript I know we're standing again. I don't know tightening for back to normalcy but now we're standing up for bad guests on this Thursday when a store the Bogle reported earnings after the vote yes there were attacked. In the comp scores even betters a level conference this company is fat and extraordinary. Why don't like talk about a Bogle because Skyworks Solutions also Bogle ...
Source: CNBC.com
A future where iPhones stay charged for a week

A British company is testing the limits of alternative energy for an unlikely cause: Your iPhone battery. You could soon have a week of battery life, thanks to a rechargeable hydrogen fuel cell that fits directly in your iPhone 6. International energy firm Intelligent Energy developed a prototype that would replace your traditional iPhone battery with clean, efficient energy, they revealed to ...
Source: CNBC.com | By: Anita Balakrishnan