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$12.3 trillion of QE has added up to...this?

Central banks have been pumping money into the global economy without a whole lot to show for it other than sharply higher stock prices.
Source: | By: Jeff Cox
No fear here: growth managers buy tech, materials stocks in selloff

NEW YORK, Feb 12- The sharp contraction in global stock markets over the last six weeks has been welcome news to fund managers who say that high prices kept them on the sidelines over the past year. "Clearly the market is moving away from risk overall, and we'll take the opportunities it gives us," said Robert Marvin, co-portfolio manager of the Hood River Small Cap...
Source: Reuters | By: David Randall
The war of 1812: Has the S&P 500 bottomed?

The most important level for stocks has become a famous belligerent year.
Source: | By: Alex Rosenberg
'False hope' driving crude oil rally?

Analysts and market watchers say there is little chance OPEC and nonmembers will agree to production cuts.
Source: | By: Tom DiChristopher
How negative rates can crush average investors

The "doom loop" is shaking up stock markets as worries of negative interest rates in the US may come. Here's what retail investors need to do now.
Source: | By: Bryan Borzykowski, special to
Oil stock dividends to drop by $12B: Markit

An extended trough in oil prices will see large energy firms slash payouts by a total of $12 billion this year, Markit warns.
Source: | By: Kalyeena Makortoff
Market lost its leaders. Expect more pain: BofA

The S&P 500 fell to a two-year low on Thursday, and according to one technician the declines could soon accelerate.
Source: | By: Amanda Diaz
Pisani: Share buybacks increase: Good news?

There are several signs we are seeing somewhat more aggressive buyback announcements than usual.
Source: | By: Bob Pisani
In grips of the bear, some small company stocks start to attract

NEW YORK, Feb 11- After a brutal selloff that sent shares of small companies reeling, some investors have been starting to come back selectively to some of those stocks, but for the group as a whole, recovery could take a while. The index is down 27 percent from its June 2015 high and three quarters of the companies in that index have lost at least 20 percent, which puts...
Source: Reuters | By: Chuck Mikolajczak
Jaw-dropping market stat of the day  

CNBC's Melissa Lee reports on S&P 500 market cap losses as investors flock to safety.