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Pressure on big hedge funds  

Media Link Transcript Kelly the bulls are definitely getting hurt on slumping crude prices right now the best example probably being in the hall. That's the well known Connecticut hedge fund manager who's been bullish crude almost throughout the route. Paul was down 17%. For the month of July his fund she knew it immediately down about 15% through that period this year according to a recent ...
Source: CNBC.com
25 years later, Seabrook remains pivotal in nuclear debate

SEABROOK, N.H. (AP) - The Seabrook Station nuclear power plant was conceived during the turbulent 1970s and was under construction when accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl stoked fears of a global nuclear calamity. Twenty-five years after Seabrook began commercial operations, the plant perches in a marsh on New Hampshire's sliver of a seacoast, steadily producing electricity and still ...
Source: The Associated Press | By: By RIK STEVENS, Associated Press
Dow plummets 530 points  

Media Link Transcript What do you do you money you just mentioned at the shell it's not always some buying opportunity when was the last time we heard somebody say. It's a selling opportunity. I think we've been trying to sell that we've been saying in terms of the Russell the I WM the small caps when it broke 121. We talked about the transports breaking down. Months ago BK has been on this ...
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Lightning hits Delta plane as it waits to take off

Jack Perkins was filming out the window of his plane as it endured a weather-related ground hold at the Atlanta airport on Tuesday. But as he panned down the line of planes that were waiting behind his, he caught a bolt of lightning striking a Delta (NYSE: DAL) Boeing (NYSE: BA) 737 while it was parked on the taxiway. More from USA Today:Chick-fil-A may not open at Denver airport Etihad ...
Source: USA Today
Q2 CRM's best ever  

Media Link Transcript Well that's salesforce happens call really just getting started CEO mark Benny off saying that Q2 was the best quarter the company has ever had he said CS forceful reach seven billion a seven million dollar run rate by the end of this year at salesforce will be the fastest. Its industry to ever reach ten billion in revenues. He called net revenue of one point 63 billion ...
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Discount strategies are killing it: Cramer  

Media Link Transcript Are you mentioned TJX a couple of times it's the biggest Gainer up while more than 4% cops come in at six. Our estimate was three home goods was it Diddy you need numbers were off the charts that how moral axes and CEO. She will never talk to promote herself. Schmitt here's a fabulous retailer practice merchant. And she's just not about coming on TV not about saying how ...
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Cramer's Mad Dash: SanDisk slips on China  

Media Link Transcript And a half minutes till the opening bell on this Tuesday let's get Kramer's mad dash to keep coming back. To this theme of China and Barack yes and I tell it. This is part and parcel SanDisk is downgraded holds his salad BankAmerica Merrill SN has been a serial serial disappoint her. And this is just aren't terrible chart and Genesis flashed but again this is just kind of ...
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UPDATE 2-Pump maker Pentair to buy Erico Global for $1.8 bln in cash

(Adds Pentair CEO interview quotes, stock price) Aug 17 (Reuters) - Pump and valve maker Pentair Plc agreed to buy fastening products maker Erico Global Co for $1.8 billion in cash, weeks after activist investor Nelson Peltz asked the company to bulk up through deals. Buying Erico, which sells fixing and fastening products under brands such as Caddy and Lenton, allows Pentair to broaden its ...
Source: Reuters
JPMorgan: Markets head higher  

Media Link Transcript Our views that remains went to 54 year end I mean look at some he basically has been not range bound. Four. What does it take to sort of get us out of this patch and we look I would argue consensus analysis calling 0% earnings growth we think there's some more upside. The zero so called a 45%. That should help forceful with prices. You know if you look at more specific ...
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Market opens down triple digits  

Media Link Transcript That's right in the first couple and moments of trade we are in negative territory by triple digits Dow down. By 125 or so a couple big themes that traders and investors are watching your today first of all is crude oil and Jack is gonna drill into this a little bit more we have to mention it it is equity markets. Are wondering if crude oil is going to break below forty ...
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