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California almond prices see big drop in recent months

MODESTO, Calif.— Almond prices in California have dropped significantly in the past few months, giving environmentalists hope the slump will halt orchard plantings but experts say the industry's long-term prospects remain strong. The slowing down of economies in large world markets such as China has also contributed to the drop in prices, the Sacramento Bee...
Source: The Associated Press
Your food might be stuck on a barge

Some food transportation on barges is slowing as El Nino-related rain has swelled some waterways.
Source: | By: Heesun Wee
Almond growers wish list: Rain and bees

Prices of mighty almonds are down amid El Nino-related cold and rain that could dampen pollinating activity and crop yields.
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Top Canada watchdog worried about pesticide linked to bee deaths

OTTAWA, Jan 26- Canada's official environmental watchdog on Tuesday expressed concern that authorities were allowing the long-term use of pesticides linked to bee deaths despite not having enough information about the products. "These products continue to be used extensively in Canada despite widespread concern they may pose a threat to bees, other...
Source: Reuters | By: David Ljunggren
Bees and butterflies could soon be on legislative agenda

HARTFORD, Conn.— Connecticut could soon join the ranks of states seeking to boost the health of bees and butterflies. Ted Kennedy Jr., son of the late U.S. senator from Massachusetts and co-chairman of the General Assembly's Environment Committee, sees the issue as an economic one in Connecticut, where several bumblebee species have declined.
Source: The Associated Press | By: By SUSAN HAIGH, Associated Press
Vatican commits to slavery-proofing its own supply chains

Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican's top finance official, unveiled the new policy at a gathering Sunday of The Global Foundation, an Australia- based organization that seeks to encourage dialogue about global governance, sustainability and other issues. During the Sunday gathering, representatives of the France- based Consumer Goods Forum, which has 400...
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The wacky gifts given to the British royal family

From books, to an unforgettable "packet of fairy dust". 2015's official list of gifts received by the British royal family has been revealed.
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