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Stay away from oil sector: Jefferies analyst

Now is not the moment to get into the oil sector, according to Brad Handler of Jefferies.
Source: | By: Denise Garcia
UPDATE 1-GM suspends Egypt operations due to currency crisis -company source

CAIRO, Feb 8- General Motors has temporarily suspended its operations in Egypt due a currency crisis, a company source told Reuters on Monday. Import-dependent Egypt has been in economic crisis since a 2011 uprising and susequent political turmoil drove foreign investors and tourists away. General Motors's Egypt operation includes assembling trucks and...
Source: Reuters
Japanese market close to reading last rites over Abenomics

*Nikkei only up 10 pct in dollars since March 2013. TOKYO, Feb 9- When Prime Minister Shinzo Abe launched his three-pronged programme to revive Japan's stagnant, deflationary economy three years ago, the stock market cheered every step along the way. The "third arrow" of Abenomics-- reforms to make the economy more productive-- is barely a work in progress, but Abe got...
Source: Reuters | By: Hideyuki Sano and Tomo Uetake
Bloomberg says he might run for president

Michael Bloomberg, former New York mayor, has stated for the first time that he is considering a run for US president, according to the Financial Times.
Source: Financial Times | By: Oliver Ralph, Demetri Sevastopulo, and Matthew Garrahan
Fund managers ditch 2015 winners and move toward safety

NEW YORK, Feb 8- Fund managers who relied on the so-called FANG stocks- Facebook,, Netflix, and Google- to boost their performance numbers in 2015 are cutting ties as the global economy looks weaker than many expected, leaving last year's outperformers in the midst of a deep selloff. The group of stocks that could do no wrong last year now seems like it can do...
Source: Reuters | By: David Randall
TREASURIES-Bond prices gain on growth concerns, falling stocks

NEW YORK, Feb 8- U.S. Treasuries have notably become a clear beneficiary of that risk-off tone, "said Justin Lederer, Treasury strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald in New York. Investors noted data showing that China's foreign reserves fell for a third consecutive month in January as the central bank dumped dollars to defend the yuan and stem capital outflows.
Source: Reuters | By: Tariro Mzezewa
Stay away from oil: Analyst  

Brad Handler, Jefferies Analyst, explains why investors should approach the oil sector with caution.
YOUR MONEY-Financial infidelity: Five ways to avoid money secrets

NEW YORK, Feb 8- When it comes to love and money, the prospects for harmony don't always depend on what is disclosed. The attorney from Long Island, who was engaged to be married a couple of years ago, found her fiance was evasive whenever she brought up money issues. And 19 percent have splurged more than $500 on a big item without telling their significant other.
Source: Reuters | By: Chris Taylor
Sheltered from biggest risks, green fuel to ride out oil crash

*U.S. shale, OPEC complicate oil price recovery. PARIS/ BRUSSELS, Feb 8- Green power is cheap enough to compete with fossil fuels and will buck the trend of falling investment in oil and gas as it can offer long-term returns sheltered from political risk, investors and industry analysts say. The differences this time include the depth of uncertainty over any oil...
Source: Reuters | By: Bate Felix and Barbara Lewis
Future in flux as top fund leaders feud

Bridgewater founder Dalio's handpicked heir steps back after disagreements at the top of the world's biggest hedge fund. Financial Times reports.
Source: Financial Times | By: Mary Childs