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Debt ceiling fail could get really ugly

Nevermind a government shutdown. The looming fight over the debt ceiling could create an even bigger mess.
Source: CNBC.com | By: John W. Schoen
Start-up story: When sex doesn't sell

MysteryVibe has all the characteristics of a winning startup, but finding funding was challenge, until the Rise Hong Kong tech conference.
Source: CNBC.com | By: Steve Doyle | Supervising Producer
Here's how hotels are dealing with Wi-Fi

Take a peek at how a few hotels are preparing for, or retreating from, Wi-Fi war. USA Today reports.
Source: USA Today | By: Kevin Farrell
How China decided to redraw the global financial map

Plans for China's new development bank AIIB were almost shelved two years ago due to doubts among senior Chinese policymakers.
Source: Reuters
INSIGHT-How China decided to redraw the global financial map

*Support from Middle East Nations convinced China to go ahead. *Russia not keen on running joint development bank with China. "At the start, China wasn't very confident," one of the sources said in reference to Beijing's AIIB plans.
Source: Reuters | By: Koh Gui Qing