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Gawker's Denton sick of giant internet flame war

Nick Denton of Gawker Media talks about his decision to "out" PayPal's Peter Thiel, and the company's resolution to act with a greater degree of responsibility.


Mosquitoes won’t wait for DC to act on Zika virus: Fmr US Ebola czar

Congress needs to quit wrangling over funding to fight the Zika virus so the U.S. is prepared before mosquito season, Ron Klain said.


Euro zone agrees debt deal with Greece, IMF -France's Sapin

BRUSSELS, May 25- Euro zone finance ministers agreed with Greece and the International Monetary Fund on Wednesday on a deal that will address Athens' requests for debt relief, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said. "This agreement is act of confidence in today's Greece," he told reporters as he left a meeting in Brussels in the early hours.

Source: Reuters

Belt-tightening in Brazil aimed at fighting economic crisis

RIO DE JANEIRO— Brazil's acting president announced austerity measures Tuesday aimed at pulling Latin America's largest economy from its worst crisis in decades, warning that a failure to act will mean "extraordinary hardship" for future generations. Temer said the government would get an early repayment of about $28 billion from Brazil's state-run...

Source: The Associated Press

Nikkei falls on yen worries, turnover lowest this year

TOKYO, May 24- Japanese stocks fell on Tuesday as uncertainty on whether Tokyo would intervene to weaken the yen over U.S. objections sapped confidence, while worries over fiscal policy and a pending decision on a sale tax hike sent turnover to its lowest level this year. Appetite for risk was weakened by receding expectations that Japan can act to weaken its...

Source: Reuters

Nikkei slides on yen worries as investors brace for U.S. data

Risk-appetite was further weakened by receding expectations that Japan can act to weaken its currency after a fresh warning from the United States last week against intervention. That sentiment was reinforced by comments from Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, who said on Tuesday that Japan has no intention to devalue the yen sharply and consistently.

Source: Reuters

From prison to profits: Danny Trejo's secret — don't act like a movie star

Danny Trejo, who spent much of his youth behind bars, is an actor, small businessman, capitalist and entrepreneur. But more than that, he's humble.


From 'Bad Ass" to "Big Bucks'

Actor Danny Trejo has starred in hundreds of films and TV shows, from “Breaking Bad” to “Bad Ass.” This former convict has gone from San Quentin to Hollywood and is now in the restaurant industry. He explains that the best way to “Make It” is to not act like a movie star, because “movie stars suck.”


What's at stake during Tsai's inaugural address

Tsai isn't willing to make political commitments in the language Beijing prefers so her inaugural address on Friday will be a balancing act for the newly-elected leader, explains Richard Bush of the Brookings Institution.


Top U.S. House Democrat hopes for quick action on Puerto Rico bill

WASHINGTON, May 19- U.S. House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that she hopes lawmakers will act quickly to move a bill addressing Puerto Rico's financial crisis through an oversight committee and onto the chamber's floor for a vote. She told reporters that the legislation unveiled late on Wednesday is "a bill that we can...

Source: Reuters