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Big Obamacare and IRS deadline is coming, despite 'certain amount of denial'

Employers have until June 30 to file documents with the Internal Revenue Service detailing their offer of health coverage to their workers.


Florida insurers request rate hikes under federal health law

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.— Nearly a dozen health insurers are proposing rate increases averaging 13 percent for 2017 Florida plans sold on the exchanges created under President Barack Obama's health care law, according to federal officials, but that won't necessarily mean big consumer price hikes. State insurance officials, meanwhile, estimated the average...

Source: The Associated Press

Obamacare customers were asked how they like it. Here's what they said

Most customers said they got care they couldn't previously afford, and also were able to see doctors fairly quickly.


Most Americans say they're happy with Obamacare

A new survey shows a majority of people are pleased with government-sponsored health insurance.


Why Wall Street's rally seen continuing at open

Investors apparently becoming more comfortable with the idea of a possible June interest rate by the Fed.


How much you pay for Obamacare could depend on where you live

Studies reveal geographic variation in proposed Obamacare price increases.


Obamacare price hikes are coming—but they depend on where you live

Where you buy Obamacare plans could significantly affect how much more you will pay for your coverage next year.


Health-care costs for typical American family just topped $25,000

Although cost increases have slowed, prescription drug spending has helped to boost health costs for an average family to a new milestone.


Centene CEO on Obamacare rates and rivals' merger woes

Centene is one of the few insurers making money on Obamacare plans, but CEO Michael Neidorff tells Bertha Coombs the exchange marketplace needs structural reform. He also weighs in on the uncertainty surrounding Anthem and Cigna's proposed merger. The two spoke at the UBS Global Healthcare Conference in New York.


Obamacare sticker shock: Price hikes are on the way

Obamacare plan customers should brace for sticker shock when the administration posts insurers' preliminary rate requests for 2017 this week.