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Many Medicare drugs soared in price over past five years, new data reveals

Double-digit percentage increases of drugs have been common since 2011, and quadruple-digit prices have been seen for many cheaper medications.


'Significant' parts of US could lose coverage if Obamacare replacement is delayed: CMS boss

A number of Republican leaders have called for repeal of the Affordable Care Act in early 2017, but a replacement plan could take much longer to craft.


Slavitt: GOP plan must maintain coverage levels

CNBC's Bertha Coombs speaks with Andy Slavitt, CMS acting administrator, about health care under the upcoming Trump administration and the Republican push to repeal and replace Obamacare.


Trump's non-partisan plans to fix health care

Toby Cosgrove, The Cleveland Clinic CEO, talks about the president-elect's plans to "bend the curve" on health care costs. We have to have a better delivery system, says Cosgrove.


Repealing Obamacare with no viable replacement ready to go could wreak havoc, insurance experts warn

The American Academy of Actuaries said more insurers could bolt the market, and fewer people could end up being insured if no replacement plan is in place.


Investors urged 'not to read too much' into Trump's 'bring down drug prices' promise

President-elect Donald Trump made his promise, which echoes past criticisms on drug pricing, in an interview for Time magazine's Person of the Year issue.


Paul Ryan says Obamacare is 'entering a death spiral'

In an interview with CNBC, Paul Ryan hammered President Barack Obama's health care law Wednesday, stressing that he plans to use the early days of Donald Trump's presidency to "fix" the insurance system.


Obamacare is 'entering a death spiral,' Paul Ryan says

Ryan and his House GOP colleagues have tried numerous times to repeal the law but were never able to during Obama's tenure.


Rep. Ryan: We're moving on many simultaneous fronts

House Speaker Paul Ryan, (R-Wis.), shares the GOP's plans for a "big, bold agenda," including regulatory reform, Obamacare relief, securing the border and tax reform. You have to plug loopholes so you can lower rates, says Ryan.


Rep. Ryan: We have bold regulatory reform platform

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) talks about the GOP agenda before and after President-elect Trump takes office, including Obamacare law legislation. We will have a transition period that will be reasonable, says Ryan.