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Tech may hold the key  

Media Link Transcript Todd accordance with trading announces dot com or Schlossberg is Wike asset management and aren't. We use six went tech stocks right now supporting Reagan had been reporting we are seeing a nice turnaround here in the opposite what we saw in yesterday's session. Yeah maybe Tim cook's you know help yesterday. I'm I think part of is what attackers leading news is obviously ...
Source: CNBC.com
Trading Nation: More downside ahead?  

Media Link Transcript What's going out of trading nations stocks still to come back after those fed minutes. Where might know the next move take us we don't care about the last one we care about the next 4% of the trading nation team. Larry MacDonald head of US strategy society general Tod Gordon technician with Freddie announced that come Larry. On a day like today I have no idea what to ask ...
Source: CNBC.com
Trading Nation: Stocks on sale  

Media Link Transcript Both you're like I and you can see Jackie. You just can't hear Jacqui that's only half the TV things on the region the close right now leasing Jack comes back on level get her back up. Right now crude oil is trading up eleven cents to 4320s. So we were positive. We were negative positive again very close remember there was a slight inventory drawdown today. It was the ...
Source: CNBC.com