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A Trump win could cause big problems for this currency

Which currencies could be most affected by the outcome of the presidential election? Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management and Todd Gordon of discuss with Brian Sullivan.


Trading Nation: Energy stocks surge

Todd Gordon,, and Boris Schlossberg, BK Asset Management, discuss the OPEC headlines' impact on the energy sector with Brian Sullivan. CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis weighs in.


One trader’s plan to triple his money on gold

Trader Todd Gordon thinks gold is headed to break through its current range, and he plans to capitalize on the potential gain.


Winter is coming – so I’m buying nat gas: Technical analyst

As winter approaches, trader Todd Gordon thinks natural gas is headed towards a “potential technical breakout.”


Trader chases 420% profit by betting on a hot tech stock

The tech sector will continue to see big gains, according to trader Todd Gordon who is making a bet on Google parent Alphabet.


Here's a trade on CVS that could get me big rewards: Trader

Todd Gordon of trades CVS.


Here’s how to quadruple your money on a left-for-dead stock: Trader

Even though GoPro shares have cratered over the past year, trader Todd Gordon thinks the company is set to rally into the holiday season.


The ‘high-probability’ way to play Apple’s next move

Todd Gordon of sees a big opportunity to make money on Apple's next move.


How one trader plans on tripling his money by betting against gold

Gold is poised to take a serious hit in the weeks ahead according to technically minded trader Todd Gordon, and he has a way to profit from the expected next move.


Here's why the market is breaking down

Todd Gordon of sees an impending market breakdown.