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NBCUniversal invests $500M in Snap

Comcast's NBCUniversal invested in Snap during the IPO, reports CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin.


Sec. Ross: Don't intend to be a 'serial' tweeter

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross talk about going on the defense on Twitter.


Sec. Ross: WTO necessary but needs fine-tuning

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross talks about the World Trade Organization, and working on NAFTA and trade with China.


Sec. Ross:Mexican peso has fallen on NAFTA fear

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross shares his thoughts on the U.S. dollar, Mexican peso, and how the administration plans on filling the nation's one trillion dollar budget hole.


Sec. Ross: Optimistic there can be bipartisan agreement

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross weighs in on whether he thinks there can be reconciliation in Congress on some issues.


Wilbur Ross on border tax: Something will be found to fill trillion-dollar hole

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross talks about other place to cut spending versus the border adjustment tax and whether other countries will retaliate. We do need to do something to fill that deficit hole, says Ross.


Sec. Ross: We'll be aggressive on trade

Our first emphasis will be on facilitating U.S. exports to other countries, says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross talks about his role in the Trump administration and his focus on trade. Also Ross provides inside to the border adjustment tax and its similarity to the value added tax.


Sec. Ross: Caterpillar raid part of ongoing investigation

We're going to be even stricter on enforcement, says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross commenting on the raid by law enforcement officials at three Caterpillar facilities.