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Katrina: The long road home  

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Katrina: Ten years after the storm  

Media Link Transcript What you see behind me is relatively rare those are new homes in New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward as you said the city about 40% smaller than it was before the storm. But this neighborhood is about 80% smaller. What you see a lot more of our d.s in. Area where the industrial canal first broken homes what's left of them empty out foundations empty lots. We're vibrant ...
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New Orleans 10 years after Katrina  

Media Link Transcript It's been ten years now since Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. It remains the costliest disaster in US history. Hi Kelly talk about infrastructure. Pretty much none of this behind me which here ten years ago it's an elaborate system. Of pumps and floodgates. Were Lake Pontchartrain meets the seventeenth street canal and is designed to keep ...
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Would love to see rates go up: CEO  

Media Link Transcript The two biggest wild cards for your industry. Are the price of oil. And what happens with interest rates the talk about oil first because I know especially when investors think about getting involved in this stock. Of the gulf region bank this isn't very. Top of mind concerned how are you looking at the overall oil market what is your exposure. Help young we have very on ...
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Ochsner's rise after Katrina  

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Katrina: 10 years later  

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Finding profits in the rubble  

Media Link Transcript How would you view the current global locket rowdy thing this is an opportunity for example. To accumulate the buyer that kind of like catching a falling knife at this stage I think you've got a lot of different concerns that got some growth concerns here in the United States and that's what's weighing on the market particularly today. Both in Europe without a bit of a ...
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Game, set, match  

Media Link Transcript If you are tennis and this is the time of year that you are having a bomb the US opening gets underway in New York City on August 31 in the final leg of the Grand Slam tournament is big bucks big business and a whole lot of fun. United States Tennis Association president Katrina Adams is here to tell us more about the nearly six billion dollar tennis economy. As close to ...
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CEO or real housewife?  

Media Link Transcript See our rail how climate then that's it panacea our from a member. On the cast of the real house plus we're going to put up between the traders have to say whether they think it's empty mobile CEO John lecture. Or one of the real housewives or not it's not it's could be anybody but X Ers want to yep. ONG and running in 92 degree humid weather in using Paris that was a ...
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It's still a central banker's world  

Investors shouldn't expect pro-growth fiscal policies to overshadow the Federal Reserve any time soon, Russell Investment's Stephen Wood said.
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