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Athenahealth CEO: Trump is a 'whackjob'

Jonathan Bush, Athenahealth Chairman & CEO, weighs in on the race to the White House and why he's not supporting either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.


Athenahealth CEO on screening for Zika

Jonathan Bush, Athenahealth Chairman & CEO, discusses Zika virus screening data and his views on combating the virus.


Attacking Wall Street

CNBC's Eamon Javers reflects on the highlights of the Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, where Sanders said "not one of the executives on Wall Street has been charged with anything, after paying, in this case of Goldman Sachs, a $5 billion fine but no criminal record." Jonathan Bush, athenahealth CEO, provides perspective.


Athenahealth CEO on earnings beat

After beating Wall Street expectations with fourth-quarter net income of $7.7 million, Jonathan Bush, athenahealth CEO, discusses the company's strategy with athenaNet.


Athenahealth CEO's life-saving moves

Jonathan S. Bush, co-founder, CEO and President of athenahealth, reflects on his quick action to administer CPR to a man who collapsed in the street in San Francisco.


Athenahealth CEO on innovation in health care

Jonathan Bush, co-founder, CEO and President of athenahealth, discusses his company's innovations in the health care space.


Jeb Bush, Ben Carson; Sizing up GOP

Jeb Bush "did not have a breakout debate," says Ben White, Politico chief economic correspondent, in discussing the GOP presidential debate Wednesday night. Jonathan Allen, VOX chief political correspondent, shares his reaction to the debate.


Athenahealth up 22% after beat

Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush, discusses creating the health care Internet, and the newly launched campaign "Let Doctors Be Doctors."


New coding for medical billing

Athenahealth Chairman and CEO Jonathan Bush, speaks to CNBC's Bertha Coombs, about the brand new medical coding format called ICD-10.